Huckabee: Totally Normal For Politicians to ‘Say Stuff in Campaigns They Know They Can’t Hold Up’


During a Fox interview on America’s Newsroom, Mike Huckabee somewhat suggested that President Trump acted like most politicians by campaigning on promises and rhetoric that may not necessarily be fulfilled.

The former 2016 Republican candidate was with Bill Hemmer on Tuesday to discuss Sally Yates‘ appearance before the Senate. The conversation particularly focused on how the Trump administration fired Yates as acting Attorney General after she said she wouldn’t implement Trump’s travel ban executive orders.

Huckabee bashed Yates by saying her actions were “total politics,” as was the Ninth Circuit Court when they ruled the ban unconstitutional. Hemmer brought up how Trump’s executive orders are currently being challenged in the Fourth Circuit, where the Trump campaign’s statements about a Muslim ban have been invoked as part of the arguments against the halt on immigration.

When Hemmer asked if Trump’s statement can be disputed “in a legal sense,” Huckabee responded “if people were going to be adjudicated of everything they said on the campaign, nobody could hold office. People say stuff in campaigns that they know they can’t hold up to. That’s nonsense.”

Huckabee went on to say that there are plenty of politicians who say things as candidates, just to find out that not every promise or statement is so practical once they get into office.

The Trump campaign removed the Muslim ban statement from their website yesterday after Press Secretary Sean Spicer faced questions about why it was still there nearly a year and a half later.

Watch above, via Fox.

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