Huckabee Wishes NFL Players ‘Would Get on Both Knees and Thank God They Live’ in the USA

With the NFL getting an early start this morning due to a game in London, all eyes were turned the league’s way to see how players would react to President Donald Trump’s attacks on NFL players protesting racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem. And as expected, a bunch of players knelt as the Star Spangled Banner played, while other players — and Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner Shad Khan — linked arms in solidarity.

Following this demonstration, we got a bevy of hot takes on the morning news shows. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee joined in on the action, making it known that he was not a fan of the protests.

“I wish that some of these players that get on one knee to protest this country and all the sacrifices that make it great would get on both knees and thank God that they live in the United States of American where they make over $2 million on average to play a game for heaven’s sake,” Huckabee told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, who had already made her disdain for the protests known earlier this morning.

He then complained about how the left is only defending those attacking and disrespecting America and not those who pray for it on the playing field.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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