Hugh Hewitt to Soledad O’Brien: ‘Does It Creep You Out’ to Work at Al Jazeera?

Conservative radio talker Hugh Hewitt asked former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien on Tuesday whether she’s bothered by her current employers at Al Jazeera America.

Citing a report in Bloomberg Businessweek, Hewitt said Al Jazeera America might be directly tied to militant Islamist groups fighting in Israel (Hamas) and Iraq (ISIS), by way of the Qatar government, which funds AJA. “I know that the journalism can be good,” Hewitt said, “but if the funding for the journalism comes from a regime that is funding ISIS, does it creep you out?”

O’Brien told Hewitt that she does “consider” and is “very interested in understanding” AJA’s funding but that she’s mostly invested in the journalism the outlet puts out. “And I think those are very complicated issues,” she said. “They’re not as straightforward as that.”

Hewitt asked O’Brien if Qatar is funding ISIS, as the Businessweek report stated. “It’s unclear to me,” she said. “I think that that report is out, and that’s an interesting report, and I would have to continue to monitor it.” She said she would “consider” leaving AJA if she confirmed the report to be true.

O’Brien joined AJA in 2013.

Listen via the Hugh Hewitt Show:

[Image via Al Jazeera America/screen grab]

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