Hulk Hogan Talks To Today Show (Uncomfortably) About Secret Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan showed up on The Today Show earlier, and the first thing he addressed was a leaked sex tape of him and another woman. Hogan admitted he was not happy that someone released it, and wanted to find out who leaked it, but said that the primary responsibility is his, insisting multiple times that he holds himself and no one else accountable for his actions.

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford asked Hogan to open up about the sex tape. Hogan said he had no idea there was a camera in the room, and admitted its released represented a “low point” in his life. However, he made it clear that he holds himself accountable for his actions.

Gifford told Hogan that the only person’s opinion he should care about is his wife’s, to which Hogan added that his children’s opinions matter too. He said that his new wife isn’t used to this kind of celebrity media scrutiny, adding it even felt a little overwhelming for him.

Watch the video below, courtesy of NBC:


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