Hume to Juan Williams: ‘Big Brother’ Can’t Tell ‘Free’ People They Need Insurance

Fox contributors Brit Hume and Juan Williams clashed on Fox News Sunday over delaying the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, with Williams arguing that an imperfect health care reform rollout was preferable to no health care reform at all, and Hume responding that a free people should be able to demonstrate that preference through their purchases.

“What you’re saying is contrary to the fact that a lot of those young people don’t have insurance,” Williams said. “This is much better than not having insurance.”

“Excuse me, it’s much better than not having insurance according to who?” Hume said. “According to Big Brother. For many of these people, young and healthy and very unlikely to need medical care of almost any kind, not having insurance is a perfectly rational choice.”

“It’s not rational,” Williams said. “These people are free riders on our insurance system. Every time you go to the hospital or I go to the hospital, we pay higher prices, we pay higher insurance premiums, because of these free riders. Those people with no insurance want some confidence, that if they get sick, if anything happens, they can go see a doctor.”

“If they want it, they ought to be willing to pay for it,” Hume said. “If they’re not willing to pay for it, it may well be that being free people, they felt free to make that choice.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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