‘I Am Doing Cartwheels In My Living Room’: Fox Business and Guests React to Incredible May Jobs Report


Fox Business commentators were stunned by the shockingly high May jobs report on Mornings with Maria Bartiromo, Friday as President Donald Trump live-tweeted their reactions on Twitter.

“I am so stunned, I mean I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been covering these reports for 30 years,” reacted Stephen Moore, a member of Trump’s economic task force.

The stunning May jobs report saw the unemployment rate fall to 13.3 percent, with 2.5 million jobs added. That shock report ran counter to dire forecasts that the unemployment rate would soar to 20% after hitting 14.7% in April, when the country lost a record 20.5 million jobs.

“You know, we usually talk about errors of maybe you know 10, 20, 50,000, and we were off by, what, 10 million jobs? So all of the economists, forecasters had it completely wrong,” Moore continued, adding, “I am stunned, I am happy, I am doing cartwheels in my living room right now. It’s such great news for the American people.”

Correspondent Edward Lawrence commented, “This is an amazing job report. If you take a higher, sort of a 10,000 foot look at this, it seems possibly maybe the peak of the unemployment, if you want to call it a peak, was in April as opposed to in May.”

“A lot of the Federal Reserve presidents I spoke with said that we would see a higher — the peak would be now — we would see the highest unemployment rate right now, and then it would start to come down. This may indicate that the shift is happening a little bit earlier in terms of the the rebound,” Lawrence declared, concluding, “This is a shocking report, that’s all you can say.”

President Trump live-tweeted Fox Business’ segment on the jobs report — before switching over to CNBC, which he also live-tweeted — posting quotes from Maria Bartiromo, Moore, Lawrence, and Charles Payne.

Watch above via Fox Business.

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