‘I Didn’t Come Up with Your Facacta Rules!’: Tapper Clashes With Sanders Campaign Manager

tapper weaverJake Tapper confronted Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver this afternoon on their campaign’s seeming strategy to get superdelegates to upend the will of the voters.

The Sanders campaign is positively outraged that the media checked the delegate math to confirm that Hillary Clinton has enough in her corner to clinch the Democratic nomination, making the case that superdelegates’ votes aren’t set in stone and they can change their minds.

Tapper told Weaver, “The argument you’re making is that superdelegates should go against the majority of the popular vote and pledged delegates.”

Weaver said the numbers are “deceptive” because of the caucuses. Tapper said, “She still leads.”

He also pointed out that in the history of the superdelegate system, they’ve never gone against the will of the people. Tapper went so far as to say what Weaver and the Sanders camp appears to want is a throwback to the days of smoke-filled rooms and party bosses deciding results.

Weaver asked Tapper whether superdelegates from states Sanders won should be backing Sanders or Clinton. Tapper said, “I didn’t come up with your facacta rules, it’s the DNC!”

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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