‘I Don’t Have a Lot of Sympathy’: Christie Compares Carson’s Media Scrutiny to Bridgegate


During an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day, Chris Christie was asked about Ben Carson‘s strike-back against the media, where he said that every candidate has a responsibility to defend their personal stories.

Christie noted how Carson has recently been saying that he’s being scrutinized more than any other candidate, which prompted the governor to ask, “is he kidding?”. Christie then made his point by offering a reminder of the grilling he got ever since the Bridgegate scandal.

“Did he watch what I went through in January of 2014 for months and months of relentless attacks from people in the media and in the Democratic party, when it turned out I did absolutely nothing wrong?” Christie asked. He continued, “I haven’t gotten a note of apology from anyone. A couple days being asked about something you put in your books, I have to tell you, I don’t have a lot of sympathy.”

Christie suggested that Carson should just answer the questions around his books outright, and let the people decide how they feel afterwards. When Cuomo asked about whether the questions surrounding Bridgegate were as legitimate as those about West Point, Christie said that they were, and that Carson’s personal story had to be examined like everyone else’s qualifications.

“It’s his responsibility. He put the story out there in the first place, he has the responsibility to back it up,” Christie said. “If he does, believe me, we’ll move on next week to something else. If you don’t, it lingers. He’s got to be able to do and say what all of us are responsible for in this business.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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