‘I Find That Deplorable to Blame a Victim’: DeSantis Duels Reporter Over Kids Wearing Masks


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) battled a reporter on Tuesday over the issue of requiring face masks in state schools, saying it was “deplorable” to suggest students had been responsible for a Covid-19 outbreak that landed seven in Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, including two in an intensive care unit.

“You’re blaming the kids saying they weren’t wearing masks, so they’re in the ICU,” DeSantis told the reporter, who asked whether they should have been wearing masks. “With all due respect, I find that deplorable to blame a victim who ends up being hospitalized. You don’t know their story. You don’t know what happened with that. This has been a really negative thing throughout this whole thing with some of these experts, some in the media, somebody contracts a highly transmissible airborne virus, and they’re viewed as having done something wrong. And that’s just not the way you do it.”

DeSantis signed an executive order on Friday that he said protected “parents’ freedom to choose” whether kids wore masks in Florida schools. The order prohibited school districts from requiring them.

At the same time, Florida has been battling a resurgence of the coronavirus, which has included a record-high number of hospitalizations related to it. The state experienced 123,400 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the seven days leading up to Tuesday, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

“We obviously have some people that are not vaccinated that have been admitted to hospitals,” DeSantis added on Tuesday. “Are you going to sit there and criticize, or are we going to try to treat and try to help the folks? I’m just sick of the judgmental stuff on some of this stuff. Nobody is trying to get ill here. There’s people that were hermits for a year and a half that wore six masks and did that, and still contracted it. So let’s just be real here.”

Watch above via Fox 35 Orlando.

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