‘I Should Kill That Motherf*cker’: CNN Airs Uncensored Trial Testimony, Cooper Apologizes

Michael Dunn is currently on trial for fatally shooting a black teenager who was playing loud music, and during his testimony (in which he invoked a stand-your-ground defense), he dropped a few profanities to recount exactly what he heard in the moment. And CNN ended up airing those words without filtering them through a censor first. Whoops…

During his testimony, Dunn said, “I should kill that motherf*cker” and “this sh*t’s going down now,” two phrases he said he heard the night in question. Both soundbites were included in the CNN report on the trial, but were not bleeped out.

Immediately after the full CNN segment wrapped, Anderson Cooper took to Twitter to apologize.

In a totally unrelated story, last night CNN aired the video of a dead baby giraffe being eaten by lions.

You can watch the video, as it aired on CNN earlier, below:

[photo via screengrab]

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