‘I Thought Chris Cuomo Was My Friend’: Ana Navarro Bashes Her Ex-CNN Colleague, Laments ‘Toxicity’ Surrounding Cuomo Bros


Ana Navarro dragged Andrew Cuomo and her ex-colleague — Chris Cuomo — over the multitude of scandals that forced the two brothers out of their jobs as Governor of New York and anchor for CNN.

Navarro was guest co-hosting The View on Tuesday as the panel discussed Andrew Cuomo floating the possibility of his imminent political comeback attempt. Cuomo also used the interview to blast New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who was investigating the sexual harassment allegations shrouding Cuomo when he resigned from office months ago.

As The View discussed, Navarro said she was “Cuomoed out” between the former governor’s resignation, CNN’s firing of Chris Cuomo for his entanglement in his brother’s scandals, and now the ouster of CNN chief Jeff Zucker. This was folded into a conversation the panel held about Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal and the fallout from his resignation.

As Navarro panned Cuomo for publishing his book on leadership in the middle of the pandemic, she said “I don’t think it’s too much to ask for wanting a governor who hasn’t had 11 accusations of sexual harassment.” Navarro spoke of how she thought Cuomo filled the “vacuum of leadership” she was seeing in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, but then she turned to bash the Cuomo brothers for the culmination of events that led to their respective downfalls.

With all of these revelations, and it’s also a toxic workplace, it’s the bully that was going on in Albany. It’s just a bridge too far. And I liked the guy, and I thought Chris Cuomo was my friend, but there is way too much toxicity around this entire thing, and it feels like a wrath and a vendetta. It’s up to New Yorkers, I wouldn’t vote for [for Cuomo].

Watch above, via ABC.

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