‘I Took That Personally’: Conway Reflects on Feud with Clinton Staffers

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-9-18-53-amKellyanne Conway gave a Friday interview on CBS This Morning, where she talked about yesterday’s massive fight with Hillary Clinton‘s campaign aides during a presidential forum.

Donald Trump‘s former campaign manager attended a discussion at Harvard University, where she and her colleagues squared off against Robby Mook, Jennifer Palmieri and several other Clinton aides. The talk ended up becoming a shoutfest where Palmieri said she preferred losing the election than winning the way Donald Trump did.

When asked about the fight, Conway said it was clear there were still a lot of raw feelings out there, and that it was “unfortunate” that Palmieri would accuse her campaign of giving a platform to white supremacists.

“I took that personally, and I know that’s not true,” Conway said. “President-elect Trump has denounced every single element of that awful movement… I think some people are stuck in a permanent campaign”

Conway went on to talk about how Trump’s Electoral College victory (though not the popular vote) proves that America has given him a mandate for his platform of economic growth. She pointed to Trump’s announcement yesterday at an Indianapolis Carrier factory as proof of his capacity for job creation.

Watch the interview here, via CBS.

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