‘I Won’t Leak Confidential Information’: Kellyanne Conway Rebuts Claims She Revealed WH Secrets

Kellyanne Conway joined Fox & Friends Monday morning to talk former FBI director James Comey, obstructionist Democrats, a hostile media and claims that she has been leaking White House secrets.

The White House counselor first went after Comey, who in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last Thursday revealed that former attorney general Loretta Lynch asked him to refer to the Hillary Clinton email investigation as a “matter.”

Conway then turned to the Democrats, applauding Sen. Dianne Feinstein for her focus on Lynch, but bashing other Democrats who she said “basically say the word Russia more than they say the word America.”

“They are obsessive about this, they are obstructionist, and they’re going to have to go home and face their constituents at some point when they say ‘what was your message?'”

“They have no message, no direction, no leader, no compunction whatsoever to try and cooperate with this White House,” she added.

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade — despite a brief interruption from a White House lawnmower — asked twice why President Donald Trump continues to talk about the Russia investigation, despite pleas from Sen. Lindsey Graham that he keep quiet and let the investigation play out.

Conway dodged the first question, before telling Kilmeade that Trump is “likely watching and getting your advice right now Brian.” She went on to ask why the media can’t cover both the Russia story and the president’s agenda.

“Because they’re trying to kill you,” Kilmeade interjected. “Because these media outlets are trying to kill you.”

“So don’t give them the bloody knife,” he added.

“They need to accept the election results,” Conway responded. “Look the media has a great responsibility and a great role here.”

“And you at least give us a platform to talk about facts,” Conway told Kilmeade.

Ainsley Earhardt added to the media pile-on, claiming “that’s because they care more about politics than they do about America.”

“It’s also clickbait,” Conway said.

Conway then touted the young administration’s successes thus far, and said “the Democrats are guilty of obstruction of progress. That evidence is very clear.”

At the end of the interview, Steve Doocy brought up a Twitter account posting comments from Conway, who was overheard sharing White House gossip with reporters at a Washington DC party on Friday night.

“It turns out you’re the big leaker from the White House!” Doocy said.

“If I were a great leaker I would get much better press, don’t you think,” Conway responded. “Part of why I don’t is because I won’t leak confidential information.”

Conway then defended her White House colleague Marc Short — she reportedly asked “what the fuck does Marc Short do all day” at the party — and claimed she would never divulge information from the president.

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