Ice-T On Rap Music: ‘It Put Barack Obama In The Presidency’

In the following years after the historic election of 2008, many political pundits and observers have theorized on why President Barack Obama so handily overcame a tough primary against then-Senator Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain to win the White House. Some blamed Sarah Palin, others the brilliance of the President’s campaign team. On Today this morning, Ice T posited that it was rap music that “put Barack Obama in the presidency.”

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Asked by hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb what he thought the cultural impact of hip hop was, he answered that it was “absolutely positive,” that “it brought the races better” and “it put Barack Obama in the presidency… if it wasn’t for rap, white people would’ve have been so open to vote for somebody like Barack Obama.” He explained that it was “white people [who] voted for Barack,” not just black people, and that it took some cultural acceptance that came through hip hop for that to happen.

The comments via NBC below:

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