If You Like Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comments,” Then Get Excited

countdown_10-6If you happen to be a fan of Keith Olbermann‘s occasional, lengthy, “Special Comment” monologues, you’re going to love tonight’s show.

And if you’re not, well you may want to avoid MSNBC for the entire 8pmET hour. That’s right, tonight will be an hour-long Special Comment.

Here’s part of the plan, as Olbermann revealed last night:

We will devote the entirety of Countdown to a Special Comment, on the need for reform, the real meaning of reform and the protests against it, and what we, you and I, can do about it. I will propose group action by patients.

Get ready, sir, it’s going to get really intense up in 30 Rock for an hour tonight, SIR.

Here’s all of Olbermann’s past Special Comments, and what it looks like when Ben Affleck makes fun of these Special Comments:

And here’s Olbermann’s announcement last night (via, via):

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