‘I’m a Twit!’: Read the First Tweets From Top Cable News Personalities


It’s been nearly eight years since Twitter became a thing that exists on the Internet. Most of us regular folk began our tweeting with a predictable “I don’t know what I’m doing“-like message of shaky confidence and confusion; and, as it turns out, cable news hosts weren’t much more self-assured in the beginning either.

This morning, New York Times Magazine explored the first tweets of Twitter’s four founders, all of which literally parroted Jack Dorsey‘s “just setting up my twttr“:

We were all so young back then! Eventually, as the kinks got worked out, celebrities began to join:

And, of course, opinionated cable news personalities began to take their brand to the Twitters, engaging in the usual awkward self-promotion:

For the record, in retrospect, Hannity’s second tweet foreshadows future Fox hirings:

Among others, there were those who either had someone else tweeting for them or just really, really loved to talk about themselves (would you be surprised?) in the third person:

There were the mundane link-outs:

Useful references to ongoing feuds:

And crow-eating on the part of a certain anchor who had previously named Twitter “the worst person in the world”:

The Red Eye gang entered with self-deprecating humor:

Some sought job applicants:

Others had some kinks to work out:

Some engaged with their celebrity friends:

And, of course, Piers Morgan made his grand entrance with a little British humor:

BONUS: Glenn Beck’s third tweet:

If you’re curious to find the first tweets of you or any other user, check out the search function at Topsy.com.

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