‘I’m Gonna Stab the F*ck Out of You’: Garage Camera Captures New Video in Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting


A new video of the shooting by a police officer of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, taken by a neighbor’s security camera, has provided additional angles of the deadly incident from Tuesday.

The neighbor, Donovan Brinson, lives across the street and had a camera in his garage. In an interview with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner, Brinson said that he and his wife had witnessed the argument that preceded the shooting, describing how Bryant and another girl (the one seen in the video in the bright pink outfit) were “upset about something” and “exchanging words” in the front yard.

In the video, Bryant can be heard shouting, “I’m gonna stab the f*ck out of you” before she lunges at the girl in pink with what appears to be a knife in her hand. The police officer then fired four shots, hitting Bryant. Officers at the scene attempted to resuscitate her but were unsuccessful.

Brinson said that before the shooting, he and his wife went back in the house, and shortly thereafter, he went to get something out of his car. “As I did that one of the girls locked another girl out of the house and they said something about how dare you lock me out of my mama’s house, this is my house, too. And I just kind of thought this is going to die down. They will unlock the door and figure it out and be done and over with.”

He went back inside and about five minutes later, Brinson said, they heard the shots. Hearing no retaliation shots, he figured it was a police officer. “So I went to my laundry room and looked outside and that’s when I saw Ma’Khia on the ground and everyone else in chaos.”

Brinson said he remembered his garage camera while the police officers were trying to resuscitate Bryant, and downloaded the video and gave a copy to the police on the scene.

Faulkner asked him what was his “interpretation” of the incident, based on what he had witnessed and watching his video afterwards, of the police officer who had “nine seconds” to “deal with a volatile situation.”

Brinson replied that the cop didn’t have many choices in that moment, and “only had seconds to respond.”

“From my point of view watching this, unfortunately the whole scenario put him in a bad spot,” he continued. “He could have either not fired and the young lady in pink could have got stabbed in the neck or fatally injured and then responded and shot and that would have been two young ladies possibly dead. Or he could have responded the way that he did and unfortunately one lady lost her life in the incident that probably could have been avoided.”

“The video doesn’t lie,” Brinson concluded. “There was an altercation, he responded and he reacted with what he thought was his best judgment…He did what he thought was best.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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