‘I’m In!’ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Announces He Will Run for President on SNL

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is hosting the season finale of Saturday Night Live, and during his opening monologue, he said that the rumors were true: he will run for President of the United States.

Over the last few days, Johnson has flirted with the possibility that he could run for public office someday. Johnson shared the stage with Alec Baldwin tonight, and he addressed once and for all whether he would pursue the White House.

“I’m in!”

Johnson left Baldwin hanging when he didn’t pick the President Trump impersonator as his running mate, but the Rock did go with another frequent SNL guest: Tom Hanks. The two went on to discuss how they could drum up the votes and face down any political challenge, as long as they stick with everything they picked up from their days in the movies.

“In the past I never would have considered running for president,” Johnson said. “I didn’t think I was qualified. But now I’m actually worried that I’m too qualified.”

Johnson and Hanks eventually assure the audience that they weren’t being serious, and that they just wanted to make a point about how American politics needs “more poise and less noise’….Just kidding! They’re totally going for it.

Johnson / Hanks 2020.

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