‘I’m Not Rooting for the 6-Year-Old’: Michael Moore Not Sure He Wants Trump to Succeed on North Korea


If you were wondering just how deep Michael Moore’s desire to see President Donald Trump fail truly runs, he likely answered your question this evening.

The liberal filmmaker told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that “nobody should feel glib” about Trump failing because there’s “enormous damage” being done to the nation and government already. Hayes agreed, bringing up the tense situation with North Korea, stating that he’s “genuinely rooting for” Trump to “handle the North Korea situation well.”

“I don’t know if I agree with that,” Moore responded.

After Hayes expressed shock because, you know, North Korea has nukes, Moore then attempted to explain himself.

“It’s like rooting for a 6-year-old who suddenly swiped dad’s car and figured out how to take it down the road,” the documentarian stated. “I’m not rooting for the 6-year-old to get on the highway and drive that car. I want the 6-year-old off the highway.”

With the MSNBC host still sputtering a bit over his guest’s stance, Moore said what he’s arguing essentially implies that Trump “could possibly find a sane way and a safe way to figure out how to deal with it.”

Hayes said, “I would like to avoid nuclear war.”

Moore also said that he doesn’t think Trump is going to be given the real nuclear codes anyway. When Hayes asked if that was a joke, Moore stated that “I hope it’s not a joke.”

Watch the exchange above, via MSNBC.

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