‘I’m Shocked at What the CIA Did!’ Oliver Stone Defends Trump, Slams John Brennan

Tucker Carlson sat down with filmmaker Oliver Stone in a very wide-ranging interview.

Promoting his interviews with Vladimir Putin that will air on Showtime, Stone believes “media pressure” has built up an antagonistic relationship between the US and Russia and that “corporate media that represents corporate government point of view” that benefits from making Russia the enemy.

When Carlson pressed him about how the American left has been attacking the director for being “Putin’s lapdog” and he thought Stone was part of the American left, he responded by saying “Nothing is what it seems. There’s all kinds of fracturing.”

“Much of the progressive left divorced from Hillary Clinton in the election,” Stone continued. “People like myself went third party.” He went on to call the Democratic candidate a “neo-conservative” for her support of constant involvements in the Middle East.

He pushed back on the assertion that Russia “hacked” our democracy.

“We don’t know that. We’re told that,” adding that he hasn’t “seen evidence” that proves Russia’s interference in our election.

He then accused former CIA Director John Brennan for “creating a fear and paranoia without evidence in a time during the transition that we trust our leaders.”

“Trump was in a sense slapped in the face!” Stone said, adding that Brennan was calling Trump “essentially a Manchurian Candidate.”

“That’s as hostile as it’s ever been during a transition,” he noted.

When pivoting the conversation to the ongoing investigations into the Trump administration, Stone put emphasis on the leakers and that they should be investigated and that “the deep state” has its own positions.

“I’m shocked at what the CIA did and what Brennan did,” Stone exclaimed. “It seems like he was very hostile to Trump.”

He then claimed that it was then-FBI Director James Comey who influenced the election in his opinion.

When asked if he had talked to Trump in the last year or so, Stone said no but did say that he “directed him” in a scene that was cut out of his 2010 film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. He added that it was “interesting” to work with him.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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