‘I’m Sick and Tired’: The View Returns From Hiatus to Denounce Police Brutality, Express Hope for ‘Watershed Moment’ After Protests


The hosts of The View returned this week from their hiatus to denounce racism and police brutality, bash President Donald Trump’s response, and express hope for a “watershed moment” after the protests sparked by George Floyd’s fatal arrest.

Joy Behar compared the country’s response to the “tremendous outpouring and civil disobedience” that led to the end of the Vietnam War, noting that even Mitt Romney was marching in a Black Lives Matter protest in Washington D.C. this Sunday.

“A couple of weeks ago I was thinking, ‘what is it going to take for people to march?'” Behar said. “The guy in the White House is destroying the country with the help of these leaders in the Republican party aiding and abetting him, and we will be losing our democracy, and lo and behold it took a stay-at-home order to get people out on the street. I almost felt like burning my bra again.”

Whoopi Goldberg added that people were primarily marching due to the killing of Floyd at the hands of the police, and noted that there have been examples of brutality during the protests themselves.

“You know, this was a really difficult week for me and my family, and for so many families, right?” Sunny Hostin told her fellow hosts. “We’re watching people protesting police brutality, and what we saw were police brutalizing those protesters, and in many instances, brutalizing journalists and their cameramen so they couldn’t capture their brutality.”

Hostin called for police reform and addressed the militarization of the United States police force, questioning why billions of dollars are spent on weapons and equipment if the police are simply meant to protect communities.

“We have to be protected from those who are supposed to protect and serve us, and I’m just — I’m just sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of it,” she added.

Meghan McCain called for political leaders to address the pain and anger in the United States, noting that some have succeeded while others “at the top” have “deeply disappointed” her.

The hosts then went in on Trump for his Bible stunt and joked that they were shocked it did not go up in flames in his hands.

Behar then ripped Trump for hiding in a bunker amid the protests and for building a fence around the White House, adding “I mean he finally got his fence! I wonder if the Mexicans are paying for it.”

“What kind of a president fences himself in from the American people? Come off of it!” She added. “You’re a loser, you’re done. Put a fork in him.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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