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‘I’m So, So Sad for America Tonight’: CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump Speech

CNN’s panel tonight almost erupted over President Trump‘s speech in Harrisburg, which some on the panel found to be horribly divisive. (David Gergen called it “the most divisive speech I’ve ever heard from an American president.”)

Paul Begala, for one, called the president a “moral midget and a deeply insecure person” who is bothered by losing the popular vote, adding that Trump is a “needy little baby.”

But then former Governor Jennifer Granholm said, “I am so, so sad for America tonight listening to this speech… Ronald Reagan would never have given such an utterly divisive speech.”

She was appalled by Trump recycling some of his campaign material––from attacking the media to reciting “The Snake”––and told the rest of the panel, “I want to take a shower.”

But it was Granholm contrasting Trump with Barack Obama that set Rick Santorum off. Granholm said Obama talked about “calling people to a higher place,” and Santorum shot back that Obama “deeply offended” him and a whole lot of other people because “he was morally condescending, calling people bigots and racists” and scolding people’s religious beliefs.

Paris Dennard circled back to Begala and scolded him for using phrases like “moral midget” to attack Trump, saying that people need to show “a little bit more respect in how we talk about him.”

Begala shot back that he respects the office, “not the man,” and he said that even George W. Bush showed an earnest attempt to unify the country. Trump, he argued, is doing the exact opposite and is “making it worse.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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