‘I’m Tired of Getting Lectures!’ Chaffetz Lets Loose on Planned Parenthood on CNN

chaffetzCongressman Jason Chaffetz got really fired up on CNN earlier tonight in pushing back against Democrats dismissing the Planned Parenthood hearing he oversaw. Wolf Blitzer confronted him about “misleading” statistics he used during the hearing and the money that Planned Parenthood receives.

Chaffetz found it outrageous that they get any taxpayer dollars when officials have “exorbitant salaries.”

Blitzer pressed him on why the makers of the disturbing Planned Parenthood videos weren’t called to testify, and Chaffetz insisted that the hearing wasn’t about the videos, but about funding Planned Parenthood.

He said that there are plenty of ways to provide for women’s health that don’t involve giving them more taxpayer dollars.

And it personally offended him that Democrats would suggest this is part of the Republican “war on women.” Chaffetz said, “Don’t tell me that I don’t care about this when I lost my mother to this, when my dad died from cancer, when my wife works on this. There is a better way to do this… I am tired of getting lectures from these Democrats that try to say we don’t care about women!”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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