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‘Impossible to Buy What They’re Selling’: CNN’s Dana Bash Calls Out Kayleigh McEnany’s Spin Defending Trump Racist ‘Kung Flu’ Comment

CNN’s Dana Bash called out the White House press secretary’s blatantly false defense when confronted about why President Donald Trump would use a bigoted slur to describe the coronavirus.

During a segment with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer and political analyst David Gregory on The Situation Room, Bash commented on a Monday exchange between Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang. During the back and forth, Jiang bluntly asked McEnany: “Why does [Trump] use racist phrases like ‘Kung flu?’”

“The president doesn’t,” McEnany fired back, before trying to suggest his mention of the phrase was about linking the virus to its origin in China as well as having heard media coverage condemning it.

Trump did utter that racist phrase and millions of cable news viewers heard him say it to a partially-filled arena at his Saturday night rally in Tulsa.

Blitzer began his segment by noting Trump used the slur when addressing an “overwhelmingly white” mass gathering of his political base. “It clearly tends a very strong message, doesn’t it?” he asked of Bash.

“It’s a racist term. Full stop. That’s it,” Bash said firmly. “Kayleigh was obviously ready for the question. The three of us have all been in the briefing room and see when the press secretary brings in the briefing book. She turned to the page that was ready for her to give some responses on the questions about this. And it was about as canned and as expected as you would think from this White House: You turn it on the media. But that’s, it’s impossible to buy what they’re selling. I think even people who are the most staunch Trump supporters listen to that response and say ‘I’m sorry, how was this the media’s fault?’ It’s the president using what’ve an lot of people who support them have told me privately believe is a racist term and he shouldn’t have done it.”

“Yeah, you’re absolutely right,” Blitzer agreed. “It’s clear the president is doubling down on the racist messages, doubling down on what’s called the culture war.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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