In Jailhouse Statement, Jerry Sandusky Proclaims Innocence, Blames Victims

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported Monday night on former Penn State assistant head coach Jerry Sandusky‘s recent statement proclaiming not only his innocence, but also laying blame on his accusers. Sandusky also took the opportunity to claim that his victims were part of a wider-ranging effort to put him behind bars — an effort that included everyone from therapists, the media, and even Penn State.

In a jailhouse recording, Sandusky maintains that he is innocent, and that his wife has been his sole sexual partner:

They could take away my life. They could make me out as a monster. They can treat me as a monster, but they can’t take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged, disgusting acts. My wife has been my only sex partner, and that was after marriage. The young man who was dramatic, a veteran accuser, and always sought attention started everything. He was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won.

Sandusky is receiving his sentencing today on his 40+ convictions.

Have a look, via CNN:

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