In Newly-Released Video, Zimmerman Walks Police Through Alleged Fight With Trayvon Martin

In newly-released video footage, George Zimmerman recounts the events leading up to shooting Trayvon Martin, taking an investigator to the Sanford, Florida community where he and Martin allegedly fought.

In the video, Zimmerman, with bandages at the back of his head, recalls being punched by the teen, trying to run away, calling for help, and then being grabbed and pushed down, his head being slammed against the cement sidewalk as his body lay on the grass.

As he tried to move his head off the cement, he says, he saw a neighbor emerge from one of the homes. He remembers calling for help, with the person responding that he or she would call 911.

He then says his jacket shifted upward, revealing his gun. When Martin saw it, he continued, the teen informed him “you’re going to die tonight,” and attempted to take the firearm. That, Zimmerman says, is when he reached for the gun himself, eventually shooting Martin.

He didn’t think he had hit the teen, and then heard him say, “You got me.” He moved the teen and spread his arms apart, looking to see if he’d struck him with something.

Later, someone else came up, and Zimmerman asked him to help restrain the teen on the ground, not knowing whether he had been shot.

Watch, via ABC News:

h/t ABC News

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