In Rare TV Appearance, Rush Limbaugh Tells Shannon Bream the Media’s Praise for George H. W. Bush is ‘Phony’


Shannon Bream scored an interview with talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh for her show on FNC on Tuesday night, during which the two discussed the legacy of George H. W. Bush, the manner in which the media treated him then vs. how they talk about him now, and the generational differences in how politicians carry themselves.

Limbaugh said, as he has on his own show many times, that the Bush habit of not striking back at personal insults left voters so unsatisfied they eventually turned to Donald Trump. He also compared Trump’s appeal now to that of possible spoiler Ross Perot back in the 92 campaign.

And of course, he took a shot at Barack Obama before the end of the segment.

On the topic of the media offering praise for the late President Bush, Limbaugh said “it’s phony.”

“They never treated him this way when he was president, they were vicious to him, like they are vicious and partisan to every Republican,” he said. “I think it’s just a vehicle for them, Shannon, to be able to contrast what they think Trump is versus the way they’re telling us Bush was.”

“They had just as much animus for Bush 41 and Bush 43 as they do Trump, for different reasons,” he said, explaining that all the praise is just one more way to attack Trump because that’s the current objective.

He stressed that the things they are saying about him are true, that he was full of class and dignity and sophistication, but that they don’t mean it, and never said it when he was in office.

He also talked about how the Bush family has a concept of public service and the office they hold that is bigger than themselves, and that therefore they didn’t respond to some of the attacks they faced. “They didn’t fight back,” he said, and the fact that there was “no attempt to defend themselves against some of the most outrageous charges that they were faced with” was a factor leading to the election of Trump.

“When Republican candidates don’t fight back, they’re also not defending Republican voters,” he said.

Limbaugh also praised at length the honor and fortitude of both Bush Sr. and former Senator Bob Dole, who on Tuesday struggled from his wheelchair to stand and salute beside Bush’s coffin in the Capitol rotunda. He said that the two men exemplified something about their generation, and “about respect, about honor, about honor, about integrity,” and he hopes everyone has a change to see that.

“These two people were able to bury the hatchet and come together,” he said. Although the issue of how Bush compares to Trump came up with regard to the media, Limbaugh did not compare the two men again after mentioning Bush’s character, strength and honor, and the ability to bury the hatchet with a former foe. Trump’s name wasn’t in that part of the discussion. For some reason.

Before the end of the segment, he took a quick shot at Obama, as you can see in the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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