In-WHAT-ural? Fox 5 DC Reporter Makes Unfortunate ‘Inaugural’ Flub

Heading into President Barack Obama‘s second inaugural weekend, preparations for the event are beginning to get attention, providing easy filler for both the national and Washington, DC media. One such fluff segment went awry for Fox 5 DC reporter Holly Morris, who suffered a verbal slip when she described the city’s Willard Intercontinental Hotel as a “key ini**er… inaugural spot.”

The obviously unintentional flub caps off four years of journalists and pundits reciting The Obama Green Room Prayer, which goes like this: “Don’t say ‘Osama!’ Don’t say ‘Osama!'”

Then, as soon as you get that one down pat, this happens.

As Wonkette’s Rebecca Schoenkopf points out, though, despite the blooper, it is refreshing to note that the Washington, DC Fox station features not one, but two black anchors, a stark contrast from much of the national media.

Here’s the clip, from Fox 5 Dc:

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