Indian News Anchor Eviscerates Trump For Demanding Malarial Drug: He’s ‘Bullying Allies’ After ‘Failing Miserably’ to Control the Virus


Indian news channel WION attacked President Donald Trump last week for threatening India if they don’t export the anti-malarial drug hydroxycloroquine, which has been alleged to help treat coronavirus patients.

In the segment, WION host Palki Sharma accused President Trump of “bullying allies” after “failing miserably at controlling the Wuhan virus.”

“Our cover story tonight is about a president who is disconnected with reality. A president who is failing miserably. A president who was in denial about this pandemic,” declared Sharma, noting, “Things became so bad that a Russian military plane landed in America with medical supplies made by a company that the U.S. had sanctioned.”

“Hydroxycloroquine. It’s an anti-malarial drug. India makes a lot of it. And suddenly the whole world wants it, including U.S. President Donald Trump. Only he doesn’t know how to ask properly, so he issues threats,” she continued, before saying, “Trump is in no position to dictate terms, not at home, not abroad, certainly not to India, and yet he threatens retaliation if his ‘request is not honored.'”

“A retaliation. That is what the U.S. president is threatening. First, a botched up response, and now such bluster. America has more than 370,000 cases cases of the coronavirus, the highest in the world, they’re failing miserably at controlling the Wuhan virus, and now Donald Trump is looking for a fall guy,” Sharma continued. “The president is blaming everybody but himself. Trump wants to show that he is in control. Unfortunately for him, not many believe this.”

Sharma went on to accused Trump of “bullying allies” and “demanding supplies” on the threat of retaliation as a response to receiving backlash for acting “too late,” and in the segment also described the United States’ delayed coronavirus response as “negligence” and “criminal.”

President Trump’s relationship with India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has previously been emphasized, with the president making a trip to India in February, where he spoke to an entire stadium of spectators.

Watch above via WION.

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