Infectious Disease Expert Tells Chris Wallace U.S. Would Be in ‘Much Better Position’ if Trump Admin Acted Sooner


Dr. Tom Inglesby, an infectious disease expert and director for the Center of Health Security at Johns Hopkins, told Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that if the Trump administration had acted sooner amid the coronavirus outbreak, the United States would be in a “much better position.”

“Let’s start with that New York Times report that from January on, top public health officials were warning the president about the threat from the pandemic and that he did not take action until mid-March. One, what’s your reaction to the report, and how much did those lost weeks cost us?” Wallace asked Inglesby.

“I can’t say who in the administration knew what and when, but I would say that that article reinforces what we have heard along the way, which is that many in the administration were very worried about this as early as January and February. That seems pretty clear now,” Inglesby replied.

“I would also say if we had acted on some of those warnings earlier, we would be in a much better position in terms of diagnostics and possibly masks and personal protective equipment and getting her hospitals ready.”

Wallace then looked for clarification regarding the statement the U.S. would be in a better position, asking, “If we had imposed social distancing, stay-at-home at the end of January or early February, would there be a dramatic less number, smaller number of cases and deaths?”

“I’m not sure we would’ve been able to get the collective political will as early as January and February because we did not really know when we had cases but, if we had done a lot of diagnostic testing earlier, it is possible we would’ve seen enough disease to get the will to do that in February,” Inglesby answered. “And yes, the earlier we put in place social distancing, the earlier we would’ve gotten to a peak and to a better place where we can start to think about responding.”

Dr. Inglesby then discussed the current state of the U.S. under the coronavirus pandemic, and agreed that “we are near a plateau in the number of cases,” but warned that the plateau could last for weeks.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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