Ingraham Battles O’Reilly Guest Over Media Ignoring Racially-Charged ‘Knockout Games’

There is a disturbing trend now being noticed by a few news outlets this week called “knockout games.” These games supposedly involve young black men randomly attacking people on the street. Laura Ingraham battled O’Reilly Factor guest Jasmyne Cannick on Thursday over the media’s refusal to take on these racially-charged attacks in an honest way.

Cannick was hesitant to “generalize” and say this is a disturbing trend among young black males, saying the bigger question should be why they have all this free time on their hands to attack random strangers on the street. Ingraham jumped in to say she would likely be “generalizing” like that if the attacks were instigated by white kids. She said this “game” has already led to a few deaths, and civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton have been dead silent.

Brian Russell told Ingraham it’s because “this does not fit the mainstream media’s preferred narrative”; namely, that white people are always the bad guys and black people are just victims of profiling, which Russell argued is a racist sentiment in and of itself.

Cannick downplayed the media “hysteria” over these games, and even pointed to Fox, which set off a bewildered Ingraham. She asked, “You’re saying that Fox News is the problem?!”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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