Ingraham Calls Out Philippe Reines For Trashing Hannity: Don’t Come on This Network and Attack Fox

Laura Ingraham locked horns with former Clinton advisor Philippe Reines for criticizing her Fox News colleague Sean Hannity.

Reines began by insisting everyone has been “neutered” by cable news personalities, including Ingraham and CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

“The same way you talk to your crowd, Jim Acosta talks to his crowd,” Reines told Ingraham.

“But he’s not an opinion journalist, I am!” Ingraham shot back. “I’m not a reporter. I’m a commentator. I worked for the Reagan administration and I clerked for Justice Thomas. I don’t pretend to be objective. I am an opinion journalist but I think I’m fair and I think there are great reporters out there.”

While Reines conceded that she gives fair coverage of President Donald Trump, he took aim at her primetime colleague.

“Sean Hannity has single-handedly given incredible credence to some of the worst conspiracy theories,” Reines said.

Ingraham was not having it.

“First of all, if you’re gonna come on this network and attack Fox, Philippe — you know, we can do this for an hour,” she defended Hannity.

She then pivoted to the disparaging tweets made by Politico reporter Marc Caputo aimed at Trump rally goers.

“These people are reporters!” Ingraham exclaimed. “They’re supposed to be calling balls and strikes!”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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