Ingraham Mocks Pence Criticism: They Say Masks Now ‘Settled Science Just Like They Do With Climate Change’


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham dismissed the criticism of Mike Pence now wearing a mask at the Mayo Clinic on her show Wednesday night.

She said during her Covid-19 commentary that “social control over large populations is achieved through fear and intimidation and suppression of free thought” and “conditioning the public through propaganda is also key, new dogmas replace good old common sense.”

Those statements were immediately followed up by a montage of people criticizing the vice president for not wearing a mask.

After a shot at CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Ingraham said, “They’ll say this whole mask thing is settled science just like they do with climate change. Of course, it’s not and they know it.”

“Our own experts have gone from ‘masks aren’t necessary’ to ‘masks are essential, you have to wear them when you go jogging’ in just a few weeks’ time,” she added.

Ingraham also swiped at Dr. Anthony Fauci for saying it’s inevitable there will be a second wave of the coronavirus, saying that too is not “settled science.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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