Ingraham Scolds Chuck Todd For Linking Anger Towards Press to Charlottesville Attack: ‘Beyond Reprehensible’


Laura Ingraham blasted the media for their “whining” over the heckling at the Trump rally earlier this week mocking CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Ingraham began by accusing Acosta of basting in the “afterglow” with “contrived dismay,” specifically referring to when he said it didn’t feel like “we’re in America anymore” and that Americans “should not be treating fellow Americans” the way he was treated.

“Okay, I have a question. Do these guys ever think about how they treat America?” Ingraham asked. “Hearing reporters complain about the angry reception they get in Red State America is kind of like having an arsonist lecture us about campfire safety.”

The Fox News host doesn’t condone the swearing and the bird-flipping done by rally goers, but she “certainly can understand the frustration” of Trump voters, claiming the media have been “underestimating or ridiculing” them and the president.

She cited statistics that 91% of broadcast network coverage of President Donald Trump in the first two months of 2018 was negative and roughly a quarter of the coverage was dedicated to the Mueller probe alone.

“And you wonder why people are ticked off!” Ingraham reacted.

Ingraham took shots at Acosta for blaming Fox News for amplifying hostility towards the media and CNN anchor Jake Tapper for claiming that Trump is leading the country “down the drain” of civility and human decency.

“A little overstatement there, Jake,” Ingraham responded. “So it’s our fault or the president’s fault that the press refuses to do no soul searching at all? None of the blame is theirs?”

She then blasted MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for invoking the deadly attack in Charlottesville as something the hostility towards the press by Trump supporters could “lead” to.

“That is beyond reprehensible,” Ingraham reacted.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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