Ingraham to Fox: Obama Still Blaming Bush ‘Like a 4th Grader’

On Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham called President Barack Obama “immature” for still blaming previous President George W Bush for the deteriorating state of Iraq.

“I thought the statute of limitations on blaming bush ran out about two or three years ago,” cohost Steve Doocy quipped.

Obama’s remarks came from a VICE interview in which he linked ISIS to al Qaeda in Iraq, which grew out of the chaos of the Bush-led Iraq War.

“It’s so immature and so unprofessional,” Ingraham said. “It’s not becoming of the leader of the free world. Six-and-a-half years into his administration we’re still doing that game? I mean, talk about tired. Come up with some new meme at this point.”

Ingraham then admitted that Bush might have “upset the apple cart” in the Middle East, an interesting term for creating a power vacuum via a war based on faulty intelligence.

“Regardless of those arguments, for a sitting president to speak in this manner, it is something you expect of an 8th grader or a 4th grader,” Ingraham said. “Not something you expect of a grown man.”

Watch the clip below, for whatever reason you’d have for doing that, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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