Ingraham Trashes Romney Camp For Trailing In The Polls: ‘Should Be Up By Five, Six Points’

Ingraham Trashes Romney Camp: 'Should Be Up By Five, Six Points'

Mitt Romney‘s campaign has suffered in the head-to-head polls against President Barack Obama following his party’s national convention. Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham told Fox & Friends on Monday that the Romney campaign has no excuse for being behind in the polls in this economic environment. She went on to say that statements from some of Romney’s staffers asking supporters to ignore the polls reminds her of 2006, when Republicans lost control of Congress.

After introducing Ingraham, Gretchen Carlson played a clip of White House Press Sec. Jay Carney making the case that the economy President Obama inherited from President George W. Bush could not be fixed in four years. Brian Kilmeade noted that the recession of 2008 officially ended in June of 2009, prior to the full implementation of the stimulus.

“They are forever shifting the goalposts here and I think it is incumbent on the Romney campaign to make that very clear,” Ingraham said.

Steve Doocy said, somewhat sarcastically, that there is good news in that the unemployment rate for government workers is only 5.1 percent. “Other than Fox News, where are you really seeing those statics,” said Ingraham. She went on to say that the Romney/Ryan ticket should make a campaign issue of how the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the official adjusted unemployment rate.

Carlson accused two of the three major networks of failing to report accurately that the unemployment rate went down in the month of August because 365,000 people left the workforce. Fox then put up a graphic of ABC and NBC aligned with the official logo for the Democratic National Convention.

Ingraham said that the Romney camp needs to be “three times as good” at messaging and branding as Obama to overcome the inherent media bias in favor of the president. “Obama can get out there and get a choreographed bear hug, and it trends on twitter for two days,” said Ingraham. “Mitt Romney has to get up there and say ‘lower unemployment, lower median income and lowered expectations.’”

Kilmeade concluded by asking Ingraham to elaborate on her recent admonishment of the Romney camping, saying that if the Republican party cannot win in this political environment then they need to get out of politics.

“Mitt Romney should be up by five, six points,” said Ingraham. “You know the way to stop the doubters? Start winning in these polls. Start winning in significant margins and look like you’re ahead in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Then people won’t have a mini-panic.”

Ingraham slammed Romney pollster Neil Newhouse for echoing statements that she says Bush’s advisors said in 2006 ahead of a midterm election that handed Democrats control of the House and Senate.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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