Inside Up With Chris Hayes: The Best (And Worst) Part Of Waking Up Weekends


It’s fast becoming the worst-kept secret in cable news that Chris Hayes is ruining people’s weekends. The editor-at-large of The Nation, former Rachel Maddow fill-in, and (for the past few weeks) proud papa of daughter Ryan hosts a political roundtable which, true to its title, forces a growing number of people to get Up With Chris Hayes. The show combines the fun, accessibility, and sleep-interrupting qualities of a Saturday morning cartoon with the smarts and savvy of a crackling wonk dinner party. To atone for waking us up every weekend, Chris Hayes agreed to give us a look inside Up.

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As our own Frances Martel noted, upon the show’s mid-September debut, Up is “a DVR gem in the making” by virtue of its less-than-convenient airtimes (7am-9am on Saturdays, 8am-10am on Sundays), but for its fast-growing Twitter fans (self-dubbed “Uppers“), watching live is the only way to experience the show. While Up‘s ratings have been impressive (Up with Chris Hayes on Sunday (8a-10a) ranked No. 2 for the month with A25-54 (154,000 vs. 152,000), topping CNN Sunday Morning/State of the Union, Up is up 25% among A25-54 and 45% in total viewers compared to MSNBC in Nov. 2010), the response on the social media site is probably the best gauge, and driver, of Up‘s success. For the past several weeks, #Uppers has been a top trending Twitter hashtag nationally during the show’s broadcast. (More on those #Uppers to come, in a separate post.)

MSNBC President Phil Griffin is obviously among those dedicated fans. “I couldn’t be happier. It’s established itself far more quickly than I thought it would,” Griffin told me. “Chris has a really great sense of the show, of himself, of what he wants to do on that show, and it has succeeded right away.”

“What I hate about it is it’s another program I’ve got to watch,” Griffin continued, “but it’s such a smart show, a thoughtful show. It pulls together people from entirely different backgrounds, a different set of faces to the show…It goes beyond right and left, and really tries to get to the root of an issue in ways that I’m really impressed with.”

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This isn’t just PR happy-talk from Griffin, either. He’s such a fan of the show that on a Friday night, rather than email me a canned quote about how happy he is with the show, Phil Griffin made a point of calling me, and gushed about the show for a good twenty minutes.

“Phil has been extremely supportive,” Hayes told me on Sunday, praising the amount of latitude Griffin has given him. “He has not micro-managed the show. He has given us feedback along the way, some of which I was skeptical of, and turned out to be right.”

For example, Hayes says that one early idea involved the use of pre-produced packages, an idea that Griffin didn’t like. “Phil didn’t say ‘Do not do that,’ he just said, ‘See how it works, I think spontaneity is going to be a key feature of the show,’ and I think he’s right. If we dumped out of a conversation to go to a 4-minute piece on tape, it would stall the momentum of the show.”

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