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reporters_7-8Let’s talk Power Grid. Today’s category: TV Reporters. The top five have remained the same since launch, with ABC’s Jake Tapper in the top spot. He’s followed by fellow White House correspondent Chuck Todd at #2. Looking at the top four TV reporter slots, one thing is consistent – none are currently on U.S. soil.

Tapper and Todd are currently traveling with Pres. Barack Obama on his overseas trip to Russia and the G-8 Summit in Italy, while NBC’s Richard Engel is #3 (reporting from Afghanistan) and CBS’ Lara Logan is #4 (reporting from Iraq). So if you want a prime spot on the Power Grid, you have to get a correspondence gig overseas, right? Not exactly.

Another constant among the top four are that each are respected journalists who have worked their way up the food chain at their given news organization. The theme runs throughout the top 10: Tapper and Todd’s counterpart at CBS, Chip Reid, falls in at #7 and CNN’s Candy Crowley is #10. It’s a “cause and effect” situation: these reporters are high on the Power Grid because they are in positions that amount to a lot of TV time and exposure, and the reason they’re in these positions is because they paid their dues.

There are some surprises on the Grid as well. CBS’ Priya David is #6, largely due to her high TV airtime over the July 4 weekend (in which she also got engaged!), but her Google Buzz is fairly low at #33 and Blog Buzz even lower at #156. (For a full explanation of these metrics, you can check the Grid FAQ.)

Looking deep into the Google Buzz metric, ABC’s John Donvan falls into the top spot among TV Reporters (he’s #11 overall) and although he’s a respected reporter, the huge amount of Google Buzz is surprising. On the Blog Buzz side, Tapper is #1, but CNBC’s Rick Santelli rides his Tax Day Tea Parties wave into the #5 spot. Still, it’s not enough for him to crack the overall Top 100 – he’s #103.

Some quick notes:

• Networks like Fox News who showcase their anchor/hosts personalities see far lower Google and Blog Buzz for their reporters.

• CBS seems to use a smaller number of reporters than NBC and ABC, and thus their reporters numbers are inflated.

• While Chris Mortensen of ESPN is the top sports reporter, Darren Rovell of CNBC (and formerly ESPN) is a very high #48.

Let’s see how the numbers switch next week. Top 5 prediction for Monday: Tapper, Todd, Reid, Cordes, Crowley.


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