Iowa Gov. Accuses Obama Of ‘Changing Subject’ With Gay Marriage To Pander To ‘Hollywood Money Crowd’

On Thursday, Daily Rundown host Chuck Todd spoke with Iowa governor Terry Branstad about same-sex marriage.

When Todd asked Governor Branstad whether he was trying to repeal his state’s law concerning gay marriage. “Actually,” Branstad replied, “I was elected governor on the issue of jobs and restoring fiscal responsibility, and I find it tragic to see the President of the United States pandering to the Hollywood money crowd instead of focusing on the things that are important to America, which is reducing this massive federal debt that’s gone up more than a trillion dollars every year he’s been president, and then the job-killing ObamaCare which we can’t afford and it’s not sustainable, and all the other regulations that he’s put on.” Branstad refers, of course, to President Obama’s recent support for gay marriage.

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Later, when pressed by Todd, Branstad responded that, yes, he is currently trying to repeal the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriage. He maintained, however, that Obama is trying to change the subject from his record and the country’s current economic troubles and to raise money from his “rich Hollywood liberal friends.”

Have a look, via MSNBC:

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