Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley Doesn’t Want New Yorkers Making ‘Us Midwesterners Look Bad’

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley was having none of his colleague Sen. Chuck Schumer‘s attitude on the Senate floor today. Asked if he would yield to a question after speaking against the elimination of the Bush-era tax cuts, Grassley acceded, but not before chastising Schumer for being one of those “New Yorkers” who “think you can make us Midwesterners look bad.”

It seems Sen. Robert Menendez was not the only one a bit cranky at today’s special Saturday legislating session. Sen. Grassley appeared irritable during the end of his time on the Senate floor, when, after appropriating time, Sen. Schumer asked if Sen. Grassley would yield for a question. He did, but not without snapping, “yes, because you New Yorkers think you can make us Midwesterners look bad.” It is unclear whether any prior incidents during the day evoked that remark or whether it was as much of a non-sequitur as it sounds.

Sen. Schumer’s question was what made the tax cuts more important than spending on unemployment benefits, a point Sen. Grassley insisted he had made “very clear”: “taxpayers are smarter than we in Congress are,” and they know, he continued to argue, that the government would spend frivolously.

Coverage of the exchange via Fox News below, and below that, the full question and answer exchange:

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