Iraq War Vet Describes Intense Confrontation With Poway Synagogue Shooter: ‘You Want to Intimidate the Enemy’


Oscar Stewart gave a compelling interview to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday when he talked about his heroic actions during the Poway synagogue shooting.

Stewart, a 51 year old Iraq War veteran and Chabad of Poway member, recalled how he ended up running towards the synagogue gunman who killed one person and injured three others in a shooting spree over the weekend. Stewart described how he yelled as he charged at the attacker, which startled the gunman into dropping his weapon to the side and running out to his car.

“I yelled out as loud as I could, every inch of my body mustered this noise,” Stewart said. “He looked at me and had a look of like fear. He dropped his weapon to his side. He had a tactical sling so it didn’t fall to the ground. He turned around and he ran out of the building.”

Stewart continued to explain how he chased after the gunman while maintaining a safe distance so the shooter couldn’t effectively use his assault rifle against him. Stewart said that he was thinking about the Christchurch mosque shootings during the encounter, so he and Border Patrol agent Jonathan Morales were focused on getting the shooter out of his vehicle before he had a chance to go attack another location.

“My instinct, I think, it was a combination of training and instinct, or just anger, maybe,” said Stewart. “You want to intimidate your enemy. I was always taught that that was an ongoing thing. You want to intimidate the enemy. You want to be a hard target. You want to be stronger than him and overwhelm him, and that’s what I did.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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