‘Is Anybody Home’? CBS’ Bob Schieffer Goes After Admin For Pleading Ignorance About Benghazi, IRS, AP

“Is anybody home?” Bob Schieffer asked on Thursday’s CBS This Morning. Anybody in the Obama administration, that is. Taking on the accusations about President Obama‘s Nixonian ways, Schieffer rejected the comparison — but remained critical. It’s “disturbing,” he argued, that the administration says they don’t know anything about the trio of scandals they’re now trying to juggle.

Responding to Charlie Rose‘s remark that Obama “seems like a bystander in his own government,” Schieffer mentioned the Nixon references.

“This is not the Nixon administration,” Schieffer stated. “This is more of a case, ‘Is anybody home?'”

In essence, he added, the administration has said they don’t know anything about anything — when asked about Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP/DOJ issues. “I mean, somebody has got to grab hold of this thing,” he contended. “It’s very, very disturbing what we’re seeing here.”

As Norah O’Donnell recapped Obama’s “proactive” response to each of those controversies yesterday, Schieffer stressed that he didn’t act until yesterday. “How is it these things all — you know, nobody seems to have been taking them very seriously up until this point,” he replied.

The IRS commissioner’s resignation was certainly the right step, Schieffer agreed. “But what happens now?”

Watch below, via CBS:

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