Is Phil Griffin Stalling On Offering Al Sharpton A Paid Gig At MSNBC?

Although MSNBC has benefited, ratings-wise, from Al Sharpton‘s unpaid stint at the network, it has yet to make him a firm offer.

Sources have told The Daily that MSNBC head Phil Griffin is stalling on giving Sharpton a temporary position at the network, where he’s been filling in for the recently ousted Cenk Uygur at the 6 p.m. slot. Uygur has been accusing his former bosses of trading “honesty for access” and of letting him go because they were afraid he’d alienate big names in Washington. Griffin is, supposedly, waiting for the controversy surrounding Uygur to die down before formally inviting Sharpton on board.

Things are look pretty good for Sharpton though and, as it turns out, he and Griffin go way back:

Sharpton and Griffin go way back. In 2007, after Don Imus called the Rutger’s women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos,” Sharpton had a secret sitdown with Griffin at Manhattan burger mecca P.J. Clarke’s. A few days later, Imus made a groveling appearance on Sharpton’s radio show. Imus was soon unemployed.

h/t The Daily

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