Is Samuel L. Jackson Really Playing ‘Rush Sharpton’ in RoboCop?

When Samuel L. Jackson appeared at Comic-Con last summer to promote this month’s RoboCop reboot, he described the TV news anchor he plays in the film this way: “I like to refer to Pat Novak as ‘Rush Sharpton,’” Jackson said, combining the ideologically opposed Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton. “A guy who has an opinion and is not afraid to state it, and uses every means necessary to get people to agree with him.”

Jackson, who plays the host of The Novak Element in the new film, may have been trying to downplay the right-wing nature of his character, who asks questions like, “Why is America so robo-phobic?” in his passionate defense of drone warfare. Mother Jones’ Asawin Suebsaeng points to another possible inspiration for Jackson’s “smartly dressed, flag-pin-wearing host”: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

“His perspective is jingoistic, pro-US-empire, and staunchly pro-RoboCop and tough on crime,” Suebsaeng writes. “He cuts the mic of guests he disagrees with and is prone to loud swearing on camera.”

Whether you’ve seen the new film or not, take a look at the footage of Jackson in the trailer and the additional clip below, then let us know who his character reminds you of most:

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