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Is SNL The Best Way To Combat Glenn Beck?

Picture 12Does anyone else get the sense we have officially entered into Bizzaro world? Glenn Beck is bringing down White House officials, Sarah Palin is writing for the op-ed page of the WSJ, Keith Olbermann is issuing “Fox-twas” (and then possible rescinding them?). Is there a voice of reason to be found? Someone to combat the madness? Judging by Olbermann’s weak response last night (along with his past ones), cable is probably not the place to look for one. Also, attacking Glenn Beck directly is fairly futile — he’s too good at what he does and, like it or not, too many people take him seriously.

However! What about mocking him? Rachel Maddow hit on it last night during her show when she played old SNL clips of Gilda Radner doing her Emily Litella character. Could a really devastating impression of Glenn Beck wreak the same havoc on the cable anchor as Tina Fey‘s did on Palin last fall? And who would do it? We won’t have to wait long to find out, SNL premieres on Sept. 26, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that Beck will figure into it somehow.

Related: Maddow also picked up on our Schoolhouse Rock meme.

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