‘Is the President Afraid to Lead?’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur and Chuck Todd Bury Trump for Fleeing Presser Without Taking Questions


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Katy Tur called out President Donald Trump for refusing to take any questions from reporters following his White House press conference on Friday amid riots in Minneapolis, with Todd questioning whether the president is “afraid to lead right now.”

After President Trump refused to take questions from reporters, Todd said, “Look, it’s not lost, I think, on a lot of people to see number one, Katy, he had nothing else to say. He went right to that, stuck to teleprompter, and walked right out. I think that tells us how he’d like to engage in the Minnesota issue.”

“I think you’re right there,” Tur replied. “There’s a city that is smoldering right now, there are people across this country, the black community is in pain, there is a pandemic, and the president tried to clear it all up, or at least clear his part in potentially inflaming those tensions with a tweet earlier today. Didn’t want to take any questions from reporters.”

Todd then questioned, “I got to ask, is the president afraid to lead right now?” before adding, “To not engage at all, I just… that seemed like he was afraid of this. He doesn’t know what to say.”

“We’re struggling as a country right now and that’s — no matter what you think — the president of the United States can’t bring himself to say anything about a Midwestern city that’s smoldering,” he continued.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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