Israeli PM Netanyahu Literally Draws ‘Red Line’ For Iran Nukes In Stern U.N. Speech

During his sternly-delivered speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated what he believes are the dire consequences of a nuclear-armed Iran and warned that a “red line” must be drawn to prevent the completion of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. In an eye-grabbing move, Netanyahu literally drew a red line on a poster-board illustration of a bomb with a lit fuse.

The graphic showed a cartoonish bomb with three separate levels — one for each of Iran’s stages to developing a nuclear bomb. The first level accounted for 70 percent of uranium enrichment, then 90 percent, and then a “final stage” attached to the lit fuse.

Netanyahu said that Iran is currently at the second stage, 90 percent, and “by next spring” they will likely reach the “final stage.”

Such information is not based on secret intelligence documents, he said. The dire warnings are based on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s data — “they’re online,” Netanyahu explained.

“if these are the facts, and they are, where should the red line be drawn?” he asked, before drawing a bold red line on the line separating the current stage from the “final” stage.

“Each day, that point is getting closer,” he warned.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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