‘It Turns Out I’m a Great Book Writer’: Ron Burgundy Previews Memoir

Ron Burgundy, the subject of the original Anchorman documentary and the forthcoming follow-up, released a sneak preview of his “highly, highly anticipated” autobiography, Let Me Off at the Top, this weekend. “It turns out,” Burgundy said, “I’m a great book writer.”

“I’ve always been a great anchorman, and great flute player, and a great collector of fine, leather-bound manuscripts. But lo and behold, it turns out I can write a heck of a book.”

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“This is a very important book from an important man,” Burgundy continued. “I was the number one news anchor in all of San Diego…What you have in your hands is a very big deal. It’s my life. It’s my words. It’s my gift to you.”

Watch the trailer below:

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