‘It’ll Be My Honor’: Pence Confirms He’ll Take the Lead on Voter Fraud Investigation

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed on Sunday night that President Trump‘s voter fraud investigation will happen, and the Veep himself will be the one assuming control of it.

Both before and after he was sworn into office, Trump has been claiming (without proof) that there were millions of people who illegally participated in the 2016 election. Trump insists that he would have won the popular vote were it not for these 3 to 5 million supposed acts of fraud.

Trump stood by his claims this weekend during a Fox interview with Bill O’Reilly, where the POTUS said that Pence would head up an investigative commission on the matter. Pence spoke with Fox on Sunday night, and he said that he would lead the task force on a review of voter fraud and flaws in the system.

“At the very center of our democracy is the integrity of the vote, the one person, one vote principle,” said Pence. “It’ll be my honor to lead that commission on behalf of the president and to look into that and give the American people the facts.”

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