‘I’ve Already Thrown Up On Myself’: Trevor Noah Says He Needs ‘Heroin Gummies’ Amid Tight Race During Live Daily Show


The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah broadcast live for an hour on Tuesday, continuing the late-night show’s Election Day tradition.

“I’ve already thrown up on myself and I’ve had time to clean it up,” Noah joked from his “special election fallout shelter.”

Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. crashed Noah’s bunker to update viewers on the latest election news, quickly noting that he isn’t surprised by President Donald Trump’s support in Florida because it consists of”strange people in pickup trucks.”

“Trump has started out strong because he’s looking good in North Carolina and he’s probably going to win Florida,” Noah said, later adding, “He’s the ultimate Florida mascot.”

Noah also expressed his disappointment in rappers who have endorsed the president before noting that Trump referred to Lil Pump as Lil Pimp in a recent rally. “A pump and a pimp are very different things. If your basement is flooded and a pimp shows up, that’s not going to end well,” he quipped.

Wood Jr. reminded Noah of one rapper who backed Joe Biden: Eminem.

“Who would’ve thought in 2020 that the white rappers would be with Biden and the Black rappers would be with Trump?” Wood Jr. joked.

The host later congratulated New Jersey for legalizing marijuana and D.C. for decriminalizing hallucinogenic mushrooms — urging Washingtonians not to try the drug for the first time tonight.

“If Trump wins again, all drugs should just become legal. We cannot go through the next four years sober,” he added. “I need heroin gummies, at least.”

The Daily Show then cut to correspondent Dulcé Sloan, who joked that she was still waiting in line to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

“I have been standing in this line forever and that’s how you know I’m voting in a Black district,” she said. “Because the state only gave us one voting booth.”

Watch above, via BET.

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